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The Regulatory Law Seminar (RLS)

Held in early October, the RLS attracts around 125 Attorneys General representatives, federation attorneys, board members, and staff for an in-depth analysis of current legal issues impacting regulatory boards. The FARB RLS is unique in its focus on jurisprudence across jurisdictions and the opportunity it provides to address Attorneys General representatives throughout the United States and Canada.


“This is my 4th year attending the RLS and it is still the best conference I have ever attended. Never before have I received so much pertinent information for my job. The speakers are always great; the topics are exactly what is going on in my world; and the venues are wonderful.”

“All agreed RLS is the best bar none CLE for regulators.”

“I have found the RLS to be uniquely able to provide instruction and direction germane to all boards and professional disciplines.  Each topic covered provides some relevant idea, warning, strategy or technique that I can use in my practice, in consulting with other attorneys, in working with Board staff ...  It is like being a part of a nationwide coalition of lawyers and resources.”

“Best conference I attend. Has elevated my practice.”