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FARB Membership

FARB Member Benefits:

  • The opportunity to exchange information and engage in programs and joint activities relating to the licensing of professionals.
  • A forum for cooperation in solving the mutual problems of participating associations.
  • Engagement in activities to improve the standards of the professions, the delivery of services and the services of regulatory licensing agencies for the welfare and protection of the public.
  • Educational opportunities and legal updates for lawyers who represent regulatory boards.
  • Shared information on the education of professionals, including accreditation of schools and continuing education programs.
  • Communication and discussion regarding the latest assessment techniques for associations of regulatory boards and their members.
  • Discounted registration fee for designated representatives to attend the FARB Forum
  • Discounted pricing on FARB's resources available through the website.
  • Free access to all FARB publications including:
    • FARB Uniform Model Practice Act
    • FARB Model Code of Conduct for Board Members
    • FARB Model Application for Licensure and Renewal
    • FARB Model Consent Order

Membership Categories:

FARB bylaws establish and define the various classes of membership as follows:

Governing Members  of this corporation shall be associations of regulatory boards and other not-for-profit associations determined by the board of directors to administer services and programs consistent with FARB’s tax status and public protection mission. Governing Member benefits extend to all Governing Member association staff, and association elected and appointed volunteer leaders.
(Dues based on organization’s annual budget; please contact the FARB office for details)

Affiliate Members of this corporation shall be non-governmental professional certifying or credentialing bodies or organizations. Affiliate Member benefits extend to association/organization staff, and association/organization elected and appointed volunteer leaders.  Annual rate:  $600.00 (based on membership date)

Regulatory Board Members
 of this corporation shall be governmental regulatory boards involved in the regulation of a licensed profession or occupation. Regulatory Board member benefits extend to all regulatory member board staff, current serving board members, and representative board attorney(s).   Annual rate:  $175.00 (based on membership date)

Individual Members of this corporation shall be individuals who have an interest in the regulation of professions and/or occupations and desire to support the mission and goals of FARB. Member benefits are limited to the individual member.  Annual rate:  $75.00 (based on membership date)

Purchase Regulatory Board or Affiliate Membership:

Fill out the correct application and email it to  We will contact you to complete your registration.

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