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August 9, 2018

Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards (FARB) held the 2018 Leadership Conference 

On July 27 and July 28, 2018, the Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards (FARB) brought together national associations of regulatory boards in Rosemont, Illinois to discuss trends, issues, and opportunities to advance the goals of occupational and professional licensure in order to protect its citizenry while enabling individuals to earn a living. The meeting included representatives from a wide range of professional boards including building professionals (architects, contractors, interior design, landscape architects), personal services (massage therapists, funeral directors), and health care and service professionals (occupational therapists, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, veterinarians, chiropractors, emergency medical officials, athletic trainers, long term care administrators, dentists), among others. All assembled to open a dialogue about ideas, programs, and solutions to issues that further the FARB mission protect the public, provide seamless acess to the licensure process for all, and to insure the trust of all citizens involved or affected by licensure regulations, #smartregulation. 

The meeting promoted conversation and collaboration among the national association professionals to improve the process for the benefit of both the consumer and the licensed professional wherever they practice.  In addition to the focus on removing licensure obstacles and finding ways to enable regulators to protect the public in cost effective ways, the assembled FARB Governing Members covered issues arising from cyber attacks on confidential information that must be held and shared to insure the public protection of citizens and the economic liberty of licensed individuals who may have to move around the country.  The group discussed the advancements being made to allow better mobility and portability of licensed professionals with particular focus on those most affected by regulatory obstacles, such as military personnel and their families. 

The 2018 FARB Leadership Conference ended with a stronger understanding among the occupations and professions about the opportunities and obstacles around state-based licensure. The lively dialogue promoted by the Leadership Conference supports the FARB mission and strategic plan which is to build knowledge and community around smart regulation. The ultimate goal of those assembled is to promote public protection, insure appropriate access to professional licensing everywhere, and to solidify trust in the process by all parties involved including citizens, policymakers, licensed professionals, and other interested and influential parties. 

About FARB

FARB is a not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in 1974 to promote public protection and provide a forum for information exchange for  associations of regulatory boards and their stakeholders with interests in professional regulation. The mission of FARB is to promote excellence in regulation for public protection by providing expertise and innovation from a multi-profession perspective.